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  • What Guidestar Does

    What GuideStar Does

    Community hospitals are faced with many challenges when it comes to providing top quality care to patients. A robust clinical trials program brings many benefits to a community hospital including attracting the best and brightest physicians and giving patients access to cutting-edge therapeutic options. Clinical research is another dimension of quality and service provided by the hospital and lifts the hospital above the competition. GuideStar brings expertise, knowledge, and experience in clinical research program development to hospitals so they can realize the benefits of being active in clinical trials.

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    GuideStar Delivers Clinical Trials Expertise to Hospitals

    GuideStar joins forces with healthcare organizations to build and manage thriving research programs. With a critical eye toward compliance and financial efficiencies, GuideStar provides the unique experience and knowledge to enable hospitals and health systems realize the tremendous benefits of conducting clinical trials. GuideStar's experts provide research program evaluations, compliance audits, financial management, strategic planning, trial pipeline management, technology management and education for physicians and staff.

  • Community Hospitals Benefit From

    Community Hospitals Benefit from Implementing Research Programs

    GuideStar develops customized clinical research strategies and implements clinical trials programs. Whether a hospital seeks to launch a research program or optimize its current research operations, GuideStar provides a platform to enhance a hospital’s image, offer innovative therapies, build physician relationships, increase service volumes, and secure a new revenue source.